About Nicks Tech

Nicks Tech was started by Nicks Tech as a Device Repair company, then it evolved into a Software Company we started in 2015. We are a Internet Services agency. This means we provide Marketing, Web Hosting, and Business Tools. Nicks Tech does many things such as creates operating systems, and websites but we were not always like this we recently just started doingwebsite in 2020, Our first sale being 30.00$ we fisrt started out with testing and seeing what worked we were all over the place but finally we created our 6 Main Services with addons to customize these core services to your liking.

Nicks Tech Employs about 3 employees per month and makes around 1800 per year with out tax deductions. Nicks Tech is still small and is just in the startup phase so every customer counts, Our main focs is delivering a unique experiance to users and developers and creating a community rather than websites or software.